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Global Data and Technical Assistance (G‐DaTA) Services

Contract Details

Awarding Agency: HHS:CDC
Contract Number(s): GS-00F-010CA/200-2016-M-88345
Period of Performance: 11/16/2015-09/20/2020
Description: Provide technical assistance and scientific services support to various international government organizations, community organizations, private businesses, small local organizations and CDC field offices in international locations. These services will support requirements as specified in individual task orders. The Contractor shall provide personnel, facilities, supplies, equipment and services for performance of the task orders. Services to be performed are in the following areas: Business Services; Training; Program Activities; Monitoring and Evaluation of Health Programs and Systems; Health Economics and Finance; Surveillance and Surveys, Statistics, Modeling, and Epidemiologic Investigations; Health Information Systems and Data Management; Auxiliary and Support Services; and External Monitoring and Auditing of Implementation Science (Operations Research) Studies.
Contacts: Anna Krivelyova