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Technical and Analytical Services to Support OIG Data Management and Use

Contract Details

Awarding Agency: HHS
Contract Number(s): HHSG401201800003B
Period of Performance: 7/2/2018 - 7/1/2023
Description: Provide HHS OIG with expert services on an agile basis for implementation, integration, and support for data management, analytics, and enterprise decision-making. BPA holders must provide services in the following 10 functional areas which will correspond to work in the issued task orders: UX Design, Business Analysis, Development, Integration; Advanced Analytics Support; Data Management & Quality; Change Management & Communications; Agile Coaching, Agile Portfolio Management & Implementation; Training; Program Management Support & Governance; Release Management & Post-Implementation Maintenance Support; Application Support; and Transition-out Support.
Contacts: Kyle Tuberson
Prompt Payment Terms: Federal