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Mary Garrison
Deputy Director, Public Sector Group

Mary D. Garrison is the deputy director of the Child Welfare Capacity Building Center for States, a federal contract under ICF. She is an experienced clinician, supervisor, administrator, and trainer with +35 years of experience in the field of child welfare/mental health. She developed the practice model for technical assistance and the infrastructure to support a center that delivers services to 56 jurisdictions across the United States and Territories. Prior to ICF, she worked in partnership with the counties of the southern region to plan and deliver training and consultation to the child welfare programs of the region. 


Mary served as the co-chair of the Statewide Practice Model Refinement workgroup. In university appointments, she has assessed, designed, and evaluated training needs of wide-ranging programs. She has been responsible for transforming programs, training staff, and insuring risk management and quality assurance activities in diverse programs.  She is also an experienced project manager and business developer—responsible for developing multiple federal, state, and local contracts with social service organizations and also for managing projects ranging from a few hundred thousand dollars to just under a hundred million dollars.  Mary has created presentations for national and regional conferences and is a published author.