About ICF

Trevor Croft

Senior Technical Director, International Survey Research
Trevor is an international survey expert with 40 years of experience collecting, processing, analyzing, and disseminating data in demographic and health research projects.

Trevor works on demographic and health research and provides technical assistance and guidance for the implementation of The Demographic and Health Surveys (DHS) program in low- and middle-income countries. He specializes in data collection instrument design, data processing, analysis and reporting of results, and training. Trevor’s areas of expertise include survey and sample design, research methodology, data processing, and statistical analysis. In addition, he is well-versed in conceptual and methodological issues in various population and health topics, and capacity building in these areas. He is a recognized expert in his field and is a member of various United Nations (UN) technical expert groups. Trevor also has a leading role in the design and development of data collection instruments using tablet computers.

Trevor holds a key leadership role in The DHS Program, with a focus on global indicators, the Sustainable Development Goals , and the earlier Millennium Development Goals. He is also a member of the Technical Advisory Group for the UN Inter Agency Group on Child Mortality Estimation. He used to be a member of the World Health Organization/United Nations Children’s Fund Technical Expert Advisory Group on Nutrition Monitoring, and has been a part of several other such monitoring groups in the past.

Previously, Trevor led the development of tools for making DHS data readily available and accessible, including the DHS Program website, the DHS indicator data application programming interface, the redesigned and improved STATcompiler, the DHS Program mobile app for iPhone and Android platforms, and the DHS user forum.

  • M.Sc. University of London (UK)
  • B.Sc. University of Bristol (UK)
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