ICF is committed to a growth strategy that helps us provide even better services and greater depth of expertise to our clients. We seek opportunities with leading firms that possess a strong cultural and strategic fit, helping to augment our industry offerings and support our client-focused solutions. Our strategic acquisitions to date have helped us solidify a leading and sustainable position in key markets important to our clients and the industries we serve.

In 2018, ICF acquired two companies:

  • DMS Disaster Consultants, a disaster planning and recovery services firm. DMS capabilities enhance and augment ICF’s disaster response, recovery and preparedness work in the public sector.
  • We are Vista, a leading UK-based creative communications agency. We are Vista strengthens ICF’s work in communications strategy, research, digital engagement, content development, design and art direction.

In 2017, ICF acquired one company:

  • The Future Customer, a London-based loyalty strategy and marketing company, that provides advisory capabilities, design and experience-centric thinking for clients in retail, media, mobile, energy and health.

In 2014, ICF acquired three companies:

  • Olson, an integrated marketing technology and digital services provider based in the United States (U.S.) and Canada. Olson provides customer experience solutions including communications, design, advertising, digital and branding services.
  • CITYTECH Inc., a global technology consultancy specializing in enterprise web experience management, digital strategy, mobile development, cloud enablement, and managed services and support.
  • Mostra SA, a leading communications agency based in Brussels, Belgium, that provides strategic communications capabilities that complement our policy work.

In 2012, ICF acquired GHK Holdings Limited, a London-based consultancy with offices across Europe and Asia that significantly increased our global presence and added capabilities in core ICF areas such as environment, health, education, social programs, logistics, and international development.

In 2011, ICF acquired two companies:

  • Ironworks Consulting, L.L.C., an interactive web development firm that provides strategy, technology, and design services in the development of large-scale, complex technology projects.
  • Marbek Resource Consultants Ltd.,a leading Canadian energy and environmental consulting firm that helped strengthen our position in energy efficiency, renewable energy, and pollution prevention programs.

In 2009, ICF acquired two companies:

  • Macro International Inc., an advisory, implementation, and evaluation services firm providing research-based solutions to U.S. federal government agencies in health and other areas.
  • Jacob & Sundstrom, Inc., a technology security firm specializing in providing cybersecurity and identity management services to U.S. federal civilian and defense agencies.

In 2008, ICF acquired Jones & Stokes, an integrated planning and resource management firm, which expanded our environmental capabilities and offerings across strategic growth areas including transportation, energy, climate change, and water resources.  

In 2007, ICF acquired four companies:

  • Energy and Environmental Analysis (EEA), Inc., based in Arlington, Virginia, which enhanced our capabilities in alternative fuels such as natural gas, and in automotive emissions and fuel efficiency technologies that impact greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Advanced Performance Consulting Group (APCG), a Washington, D.C., consulting firm that enhanced our capabilities in federal organizational performance, human capital, and strategic communications consulting.
  • Z-Tech Corporation, based in Rockville, Maryland, an established leader in health information and health technology services that expanded our ability to develop more effective health information technology, health communications, health policy analysis, and health information clearinghouses.
  • SH&E, one of the world's largest consulting firms dedicated to air transport, helped position our firm as a leader in airline, airport, and aviation industry consulting. This has significantly strengthened our transportation service offerings with federal, state, and industry clients.

In 2005, ICF acquired two companies:

  • Synergy, Inc., a leading provider of strategic planning, analysis, and technology solutions in defense command and control, operations, and logistics.
  • Caliber Associates, an established leader in providing research, consulting, and innovation in human services and human resource issues, primarily to U.S. federal clients.

In 2002, ICF acquired two divisions of Arthur D. Little: Global Environment & Risk (Americas) and Public Sector Program Management.