CEMEX Citizen Development Community of Practice

To rapidly bolster its shared service abilities, ICF collaborated with a global leader in the building materials industry to stand up a Citizen Development Community of Practice in 60 days.
days start to finish
Citizen Developers enabled across four departments
Utilizing our “Success in 30-60-90” framework, we provided CEMEX with an operational Citizen Development program in 60 days—from start of engagement to finish.


CEMEX identified a need to stand up a Citizen Development Community of Practice to bolster its shared services capabilities and maximize the return on its platform investment. While the company sought a unified path forward to ensure that all activities aligned with its end goals, there were concerns around governance and allowing citizen developers to create applications in a controlled environment. Any solution would need to ensure consistency both with intake processes and an overarching data management strategy.

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We led a 3-day strategic workshop to better understand CEMEX’s strategic objectives, the current state of its environment, and the desired operational cadence. We supported CEMEX to define a unified vision across multiple support streams, and identified the capability caps within the enterprise that needed to be addressed to meet desired outcomes.

We facilitated collaborative sessions with CEMEX to prioritize features necessary to have an operational instance and Citizen Development Community of Practice established in less than eight weeks. That included the creation of a governance structure, training plan, and engagement roadmap for the practice. Our team provided a streamlined custom intake form and process that ensured all apps delivered towards the comprehensive data management strategy.

We also assisted with the rollout of CEMEX’s communication and engagement roadmap, ensuring that the company maximized both citizen developer and stakeholder interest up through the program launch and beyond.


Applying our “Success in 30-60-90” ServiceNow rapid delivery model, we stood up a ServiceNow solution utilizing App Engine Studio and App Engine Management Center for CEMEX’s shared services division.

In 60 days, CEMEX had a functional shared services environment aligned with both its data strategy and long-term strategic vision. Upon launch, the company was able to immediately enable 33 citizen developers to create applications in its environment with the processes and governance to support enterprise-level reporting goals. The final result is a scalable, high-value platform with an engaged Community of Practice and roadmap to expand to more groups within the company.

“Finding a reliable partner for intricate and demanding projects can be a daunting task. However, our team considers ourselves fortunate to have found in ICF the ideal collaborator to augment our capacity and expertise, enabling us to meet ambitious timelines while delivering top-notch outcomes. The success of our Citizen Dev program launch stands as a testament to this fruitful partnership.”

Eleazar Osuna
CEMEX, GBS Service Transformation Lead

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