Affordable Care Act (ACA) Transitioning

Changes in government regulations and policies impact agencies, businesses, and organizations from the local to the national level. ICF has deep expertise working with clients to manage change, helping them meet compliance requirements while also working toward achieving their core goals.

This case study from ICF provides an example of our experience supporting clients specifically affected by Affordable Care Act (ACA) reforms—helping them develop and implement new care delivery models that adhere to the ACA while meeting customer expectations. Due to ACA legislation, numerous large group accounts were being transitioned to small group accounts. The client turned to ICF to prepare for this transition and change its current sales operation strategy to allow its customers to take advantage of plan renewals in a timely manner.

ICF is a trusted partner, helping our clients successfully manage large IT and operational change in a way that minimizes disruption and provides strategic vision. Learn more about how ICF's healthcare solutions can help your organization achieve both short-term and long-term goals that make a lasting impact.

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