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city connection lights
Utilities are Running Toward Integration in an Evolving Energy Landscape
FERC Orders New Course for Nation's Largest Capacity Market
Judah Rose — 8 MIN. READ
city river
Resurgence in NYC Capacity Prices Possible under New LCR Changes
Joe Coscia, Dan Jerke — 5 MIN. READ
power plant sunset
New Draft DOE Memo Moves to Save Fuel-Secure Generation
Judah Rose — 5 MIN. READ
power lines sunset
Watch list for the 2021-2022 PJM BRA Auction
George Katsigiannakis, Himanshu Pande, Ilkka Kovanen — 7 MIN. READ
Is Future Natural Gas Demand Growth a Mirage?
Minimizing Risk and Maximizing Return: A “Crystal Ball” Approach to Portfolio Asset Management
Katie Janik — 3 MIN. READ
oil rig
Damn the Torpedoes, Full Speed Ahead for Gas Production
Julio Manik — 3 MIN. READ
gas pipeline
Last of the Long Lines: Mature Pipeline Grid Shifts from Era of Gas Megaprojects
utility regulation
A Dramatic New Proposal in Utility Regulation
Steve Fine, Matt Robison — 3 MIN. READ
urban grid
Idea of “Suitability Criteria” Paves the Way for NWA
Matt Robison, Patricia D'Costa — 7 MIN. READ
combined heat and power
New Federal Tax Benefits Offer Boost to CHP Investment. Here’s What You Need to Know.
Meegan Kelly, Levi Hoiriis — 6 MIN. READ
Operational Fuel Security Risks in New England Aren’t Just a Forecast — They’re Already Here
power plant
Doubling Down on ERCOT’s Summer of 2018
Patrick Milligan — 5 MIN. READ
energy cold weather
Rising to the Occasion? Natural Gas Markets Grappling with Frigid Conditions and "Bomb Cyclone"
Kevin Petak, Srirama Palagummi — 7 MIN. READ
smart thermostat
Smart Thermostats Offer Much More Than Out-of-the-Box Savings
Haider Khan, Justin Mackovyak, David Meisegeier — 5 MIN. READ
smart thermostat
The Future of Smart Meters: Timing is Everything
Haider Khan — 5 MIN. READ
price tag
A Trio of Storms Could Mean Grid Modernization in Hard-Hit Areas
Watch: Getting the Most Out of Distributed Resources
Large energy power lines
Making Room for DER: Where’s the Value in Hosting Capacity Analysis?
Samir Succar — 5 MIN. READ
advanced metering infrastructure
Four Paths to Prosperity: Growth Opportunities for Utilities
Carolyn Brouillard, Bob DiBella, Patricia D'Costa, Angela Strickland — 10 MIN. READ
power plant
New Retirements Could Spur Record ERCOT Scarcity Conditions
Patrick Milligan , Lizzie Medford, Dinesh Madan — 5 MIN. READ
power plant
DOE Acts to Transform the Energy Landscape
George Katsigiannakis, Judah Rose — 5 MIN. READ
price tag
The Price Tag of a Solar Eclipse
Shankar Chandramowli, Himali Parmar — 3 MIN. READ
More States Are Embracing Renewable Energy Development. The Opportunity is Bigger Than Ever.
Chris MacCracken, Aaron Geschiere — 15 MIN. READ
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