Serving both the European Commission and United States government, our talented professionals bring expertise in technology, design, advertising, development, analytics and human capital to serve the needs of citizens globally.

Our digital success is grounded in our work with the United States government, from the campaign that doubled the likelihood of a person to stop smoking to the Curiosity to Mars program that is helping prepare the human race to land on Mars by 2032.

ICF teams have built digital applications to provide support for citizens overcoming addiction, battling chronic disease, planning for natural disasters, and preparing for how to get home in the event of a train strike.

We created training for government contracting officers on how to procure digital services. We also helped launch, the government’s first-ever responsive website, to provide critical information about HIV/AIDS anywhere, anytime, and on any device.

Our ICF Mostra division, specializes in helping European institutions and other international organizations raise awareness and engage with stakeholders.

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Positive Spin
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of warriors returning from active duty over the past 10 years suffer from PTSD

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