Energy system transformation

Advanced customer analytics, resource planning, and valuation to help utilities transform the distributed energy resources of today into the grid assets of tomorrow.
Der Integrated assets

Integrate customer-sited assets into planning and programs

Customers have more energy management options than ever. How do utilities design programs that support customer demands for distributed energy resources—while boosting grid reliability, and ensuring reasonable costs? Using our proprietary analytics platform, we help utilities treat their customers as grid partners and design programs that meet their needs and lifestyles.

Der Manage Resources

Manage resource and grid inter-dependencies

Realizing the full benefits of distributed energy resources on the grid requires visibility and certainty around DER deployment and performance. We help utilities visualize how behind-the-meter DERs affect their grid load and implement management strategies to harness those resources. We also develop strategies to use DERs to reduce or offset wholesale procurement obligations, such as resource adequacy.

modernize grid

Modernize the grid

Where should you invest for a more resilient grid, and what does your technology roadmap contain? How do you replace aging infrastructure while building capabilities to integrate increasing deployment of DERs? We advise utilities on no-regrets investment strategies—identifying the processes, technologies, and control platforms that will help you address evolving grid and customer needs.

Blue sky with some clouds

Achieve your clean energy goals

On the path to clean energy, utilities face a range of what-if questions related to DER programs and technologies. How much of your GHG reduction will come from utility-scale assets vs. building and transportation electrification vs. customer-sited DERs? We use sophisticated scenario modeling to show you how to decarbonize your portfolio.

Our services

Utility strategy and planning

  • Flexible demand management
  • Regulatory support
  • Gas and power markets
  • Customer and grid analytics
  • DSM/DER pilots and programs
  • Asset valuation and independent engineering
  • Technology roadmap
  • Grid modernization and business strategy
  • Customer experience design and delivery
  • Resilience


  • Energy efficiency
  • Demand response
  • Distributed energy resources
  • Renewable natural gas
  • Hydrogen
  • Electrification
  • Behind the meter (BTM) storage
  • Virtual power plants (VPPs)
  • Microgrids


  • AMI data disaggregation
  • Building energy modeling
  • Probable and target program participation
  • Achievable load reduction by measure
CO₂Sight: Decarbonization and energy planning platform

CO₂Sight: Decarbonization and energy planning platform

Develop a line of sight toward your decarbonized future with CO₂Sight, the only analytics and action planning framework with ICF expertise built in.

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