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Airline network planning and schedule analysis system

stay ahead of competitors

Discover new opportunities to increase revenue

Determine all feasible service offerings in each relevant origin and destination (O&D) city-pair market, for your airline and your competitors.

discover new opportunities

Stay ahead of competitors

Estimate an “entitlement share” of each O&D market for your airline and its competitors based on a comparison of service offerings in each market.

allocate traffic to individual

Allocate traffic to individual flights based on the “entitlement share”, while adjusting for spill

NetWorks leverages a realistic spill model, which iteratively spills traffic to alternative flights as capacity limits are approached.

Assess the impact of schedule changes on traffic, revenue, and profitability with features like:

  • Best-in-class QSI model combining powerful algorithms
  • New schedules and schedule modifications
  • Impact assessment of merger and acquisition activity
  • Code shares and alliances
  • Optimal service timing and hub analyses
  • Fleet planning for optimal aircraft types and fleet size
  • Evaluation of new routes and capacity plans
  • Ease of use and practical applications

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