Integrated Planning Model (IPM)

ICF's Integrated Planning Model (IPM®) provides true integration of wholesale power, system reliability, environmental constraints, fuel choice, transmission, capacity expansion, and all key operational elements of generators on the power grid in a linear optimization framework. The model captures a detailed representation of every electric boiler and generator in the power market being modeled.

ICF has models of both the North American and Europe power markets. Uses for IPM include:

The fundamental logic behind the model determines the least-cost means of meeting electric generation energy and capacity requirements while complying with specified constraints, including air pollution regulations, transmission constraints, and plant-specific operational constraints.

The versatility of IPM allows users to specify which constraints to exercise and populate IPM with their own datasets.

Our Integrated Planning Model is used by

Versions of IPM have been used to support the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) analyses of utility air emissions, and by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) benefit-cost analysis of regional transmission organizations (RTO). Other organizations currently using the model include The Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative.

Reports that refer to IPM

The Integrated Planning Model is a versatile tool that is used extensively by U.S. federal government agencies and other organizations. Some of the reports that mention it are:

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