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Policy & Regulatory Development

ICF provides proven and cost-effective support and tools that help United States (U.S.) federal policymakers and regulatory offices meet their responsibilities at all stages of rulemaking.

ICF offers a full range of services to assist clients who develop, promulgate, and implement regulations. U.S. federal rulemaking takes place in a complex environment that requires clear and precise drafting, defensible and transparent analysis, extensive public involvement, and balancing certainty and predictability with the need to promote innovation—usually under challenging deadlines.

ICF's extensive knowledge of the regulatory process is based on more than 30 years of experience helping clients navigate the requirements of the Administrative Procedure Act, applicable executive orders and statutes, and internal and external processes and reviews.

We offer a diverse staff of policy analysts, economists, attorneys, business analysts, scientists, engineers, transportation analysts, emergency management specialists, and others. Our teams include experts who specialize in particular types of regulatory analyses, including regulatory flexibility analyses, environmental impact studies and analyses under the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA), paperwork burden assessments, and environmental justice analyses.

Recognizing our expertise, clients have hired ICF to draft manuals on their regulatory processes, regulatory document templates, and methodology guides for developing analyses of paperwork burden (ICRs), economic impacts, and small business effects (SBREFA).

We have leveraged our regulatory experience to develop products that help federal agencies perform their regulatory tasks, such as:

  • CommentWorks®—ICF's commercial, web-based tool set for streamlining the process of managing and analyzing public comments
  • The Reg Map™—a graphic depiction of the informal federal rulemaking process

Solutions & Apps