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Methodology for Information Insights and Cloud Analytics

Your stakeholders and data hold the keys to advancing your organization’s mission, identifying opportunities for innovation, and implementing iterative improvements. Our Methodology for Information Insights and Cloud Analytics process is a comprehensive framework for evaluating existing data systems and business processes. Grounded in sound data science principles, it’s an approach that meets short term objectives and sets the stage for long-term flexibility and efficiency.

With minimal disruption, our process uncovers what you need to know now and builds a solid foundation for the future by enabling better performance by those who need to access, analyze, and discern meaning from data.

With our methodology, ICF’s data specialists conduct needs assessments, business process reengineering, requirements development, and foundation planning for data analytics. Based on an open source framework for mature information management, it’s a proven implementation methodology that addresses a range of core competencies, including data analytics, enterprise data management, business intelligence, data visualization, and data governance.