White Papers

Complexity Simplified: A Survey of Current High-Speed Rail (HSR) Projects

The Importance of a Customized Approach to Environmental Review


ICF's recognized NEPA experts are immersed in the industry and understand the need for timely, creative, and legally-sufficient environmental review as part of HSR development. Our turnkey experience with this complex aspect of rail projects allows us to offer a survey of the current HSR project landscape, highlighting the range of approaches taken to tiering and lead agency roles.

HSR stakeholders have experienced the frustration of NEPA being seen as an end in itself instead of the means to an end for improved decision-making, but HSR also offers good examples of a prime NEPA attribute: Flexibility.  

Download this ICF white paper to learn more and to see why we anticipate a "laboratory of creative approaches" to environmental review in the delivery of HSR projects.

By Mike Davis and David Freytag
Senior Vice President, Environment and Planning Division