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Network and Schedule Analysis/Systems and Software

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NetWorks® is a sophisticated software system that realistically simulates an air carrier's network. It quickly and accurately reveals the impact of schedule changes on traffic, revenue, and profitability. NetWorks provides a safe virtual environment for choosing the most cost-effective and market-driven schedule changes. It provides a flexible and efficient means of understanding your network's strengths and weaknesses within the larger competitive environment.

ICF has unparalleled expertise in the fields of airline management, network optimization, alliance integration, revenue management, pricing, airport planning, and safety. NetWorks is part of that expertise and is widely used within ICF to successfully answer numerous air carrier challenges. Our powerful network modeling tool is now available to the airline industry and is invaluable to airline schedule planners, strategists, fleet/capacity managers, and commercial managers.

NetWorks' state-of-the-art, object-oriented design allows high speed of operation, minimum maintenance, and ease of customization at an attractive cost. It places minimum burden and infrastructure requirements on the user and can provide decision-making support to an entire department or operate on a single laptop PC. The Microsoft Windows® graphical user interface allows for fast user familiarization, quick understanding of the analytical process, and easy interpretation of the results.

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NetWorks can be used to:

  • Examine network profitability at any level of detail using its flexible-cost model
  • Solve complex network issues in a "gaming" environment in which scenarios can be easily constructed and evaluated
  • Quickly model multiple scenarios and see the results at an unprecedented level of detail
    Display answers to network planning, flight scheduling, and revenue and cost issues in a matter of minutes
  • Turn around multiple analyses within the same day
  • Make "what if" scenarios a routine part of the network planning process

NetWorks will help you evaluate:

  • Schedules in terms of passengers, revenue, and profitability
  • New markets and/or enhanced frequency
  • Traffic and revenue potential of code shares and alliances
  • Optimum departure times for local and connecting markets
  • Impact of competitive actions and alternative responses
  • Impact of mid-year schedule modifications on sales targets and the annual plan
  • Overall profitability of a network
  • Individual contributions for each flight and route.

NetWorks realistically simulates airline network performance. Using airline schedules and origin-destination (O&D) market information, the system determines the viable services in each of the markets. Utilizing ICF International's Competitive Service Index (CSI), the system then models passenger behavior by evaluating the attractiveness of each of the services in a specific market. CSI is a proven technique that estimates the "entitlement" of each service for a passenger type by considering a variety of factors, including:

  • Type of service (online, interline, alliance, etc.)
  • The number of transfer connections
  • The number of stops
  • Elapsed time
  • Time of day and day of week
  • Aircraft type
  • Fare
  • Traffic freedom

Finally, NetWorks allocates passengers to the services considering network effects such as turn-away (spill) and revenue management.

NetWorks displays traffic, market share, revenue, and profit. It presents the results in a way that permits the user to "drill down" to a variety of different levels—network, market, flight, or station. All information produced by NetWorks may be exported to spreadsheets for further analysis. The results of a NetWorks session may be saved to share with a colleague or revisit at a later time.

All NetWorks parameters may be altered by the user and calibrated for a variety of situations. A user may influence the number of passengers, average fare, time-of-day and other preferences by passenger type (e.g., business, full fare economy, discount economy). NetWorks also allows the user to alter other parameters such as aircraft configurations and connection time limits.

For more information and to arrange a demonstration, contact:

Jared Harckham
One Main Street
Cambridge, MA 02142 USA
Phone: +1.617.218.3543
Email: Jared.Harckham@icf.com

Edmond Rose
Phone: +44 20 3096 4933
Email: Edmond.Rose@icf.com