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CyberSci 2017 Symposium Proceedings Report

The battle for cyberspace is just beginning—are you prepared?

Oct 26, 2017

The CyberSci Symposium 2017, for which the theme was “The Battle for Cyberspace,” brought together participants from industry, government, and academia to share the important cybersecurity research and development (R&D) challenges.

The Symposium took place September 28, 2017, at ICF’s headquarters in Fairfax, VA. Technical track presentations were selected through anonymous peer review. Presentations ranged from designing intelligent assistants and using supervised learning to prioritize IDPS alerts to adaptive command and control in the age of hybrid warfare.

Summaries of the keynote speeches are provided along with recaps of the panel discussions and breakout sessions. Information presented here represents the opinions of ICF, not necessarily those of individual CyberSci 2017 panelists and presenters.