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Helping Young Veterans Find Work after Military Service

Feb 9, 2016

ICF consultants work with clients in the public sector facing considerable challenges, not the least of which is helping those in need get access to valuable resources that can help them improve their lives and have a positive impact on their communities. Those tasked with this goal rely on ICF for insights and expertise to guide the policies and solutions that can help them achieve critical goals for their constituents.

In this article, ICF expert Dr. Jeffrey Taylor looks at the resources available to help young veterans find and maintain a job after leaving military service. Young veterans continue to face job-market challenges and lag behind their nonveteran peers.

In 2015, about 17 percent of young veterans were unemployed, compared to 12 percent for nonveterans in the same age group. Young veterans face unique challenges transitioning to a civilian career, however there is help in the form of Transition GPS (Goals, Plans, Success), Military Occupational Classification (MOC) Crosswalk search, and the American Jobs Center. These resources play an essential role in helping young veterans navigate the civilian job market.

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By Jeffrey Taylor