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Cyber Leaders to Gather at ICF Symposium

Dec 3, 2018

Keynotes from DHS, Microsoft to Address Building Cyber Resilience Against New Threats.
Lauren Dyke
Vice President, Communications

Leaders in cyber security, resilience and mission assurance will gather at the CyberSci Symposium on December 6. The one-day event will be hosted by ICF (NASDAQ:ICFI), a global consulting and digital services provider, at ICF’s global headquarters in Fairfax, Virginia.

Participants will include leaders from the U.S. government, private sector, and academia to examine cybersecurity trends, developing technologies, network resiliency, and best practices to combat the most critical issues facing the industry today. Many of the sessions will address the central theme of “Adaptability and Resilience in the Cyber Threat Environment,” and will explore how to strengthen mission assurance against emerging threats and the role of information warfare in disrupting mission. Keynote presentations will be delivered by:

  • Robert Kolasky, Director of the National Risk Management Center, U.S. Department of Homeland Security
  • Diana Kelley, Field Chief Technology Officer of Cybersecurity at Microsoft
  • Paul Stockton, Managing Director of Sonecon, LLC

A track keynote presentation will also be delivered by:

  • Greg Shannon, Chief Scientist, CERT Division, Carnegie Mellon University Software Engineering Institute.

In our increasingly interconnected, digital world, we rely on networks to protect our homes and personal information, power our daily lives, and secure critical infrastructure,” said Randy James, senior vice president and enterprise cyber and resilience division lead at ICF. “To safeguard against emerging threats, leaders must think critically on how best to reinforce and defend physical, virtual and human capital networks to foster long-term resilience. Events like CyberSci are critical in supporting more collaboration across the public and private sectors to address these issues.”

ICF’s cybersecurity and resilience specialists help federal, civilian, military, national security and commercial clients build and successfully defend the most aggressively attacked infrastructures on the planet. For over two decades, ICF has delivered cyber-innovations, mission assurance and critical infrastructure protection expertise. ICF experts patented a novel way to visualize cyber threats using virtual reality and helped develop the model for network defense services within the U.S. Department of Defense. ICF’s teams are also working to improve machine-to-machine learning for better cyber and critical infrastructure defense.

For more information, please visit ICF’s cybersecurity solutions or learn more about ICF’s 6th annual CyberSci Symposium on December 6.

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