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ICF Launches ICF Olson, One of the World’s Top Agency Companies

Fairfax VA


Mar 1, 2016

Comprehensive Offering Features Best-in-class Expertise in All Areas of Marketing Strategy, Creativity and Technology

ICF (NASDAQ: ICFI), a leading provider of consulting and technology services, today announced the launch of ICF Olson, a full-service marketing agency purpose built to address the new realities facing clients today.

Built via a series of acquisitions of best-in-class agencies beginning in 2012, ICF Olson is uniquely focused on the intersection of creativity, technology and strategy in areas such as experience management, loyalty and CRM, digital platforms and strategic communications. And ICF Olson’s deep expertise in data analytics is able to inform strategies in ways that make those capabilities even more potent.

With more than 800 employees across 14 offices throughout the United States, Canada and India, it ranks as one of the top 50 agency companies in the world by revenue. 

"In unifying these capabilities, we’re answering an urgent demand in the marketplace," said ICF Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Sudhakar Kesavan. "There are many technology-focused providers who work well with CTOs and CIOs, and many creative agencies that excel at creative- and communications-oriented solutions, but ICF Olson is the rare agency that truly excels at both."

ICF Olson features unmatched expertise across the spectrum of marketing services, with recent major accolades including being named a “leader” in loyalty and CRM by Forrester Research, Public Relations Agency of the Year by PR Week, and Adobe Marketing Cloud North American Partner of the Year, as well as having received 27 Effie Awards –the marketing industry’s highest accolade for effectiveness- for its individual brand campaigns.

The agency boasts a flexible structure that allows it to lead and deliver work as a comprehensive, end-to-end client solution, but also through four best-in-class agency teams. These are Olson (digital, advertising), Olson Engage (PR, social media), ICF Olson 1to1 (loyalty, CRM), and ICF Olson (digital- and technology-enabled platforms and solutions). Traditionally, clients have had to turn to holding companies to get those capabilities together, in the form of separate businesses effectively competing with each other for client fees. But ICF Olson’s diverse capabilities are provided under a single profit-and-loss statement, giving it both the flexibility and the incentive to provide the best solution for clients regardless of where they fall in the corporate structure. 

ICF Olson’s Executive Leadership Team consists of Margaret Murphy, president of Olson and ICF Olson 1to1, Bryan Specht, president of Olson Engage, and Matthew Van Bergen, president of digital solutions, as well as Chief Growth Officer Michael Brown, Senior Vice President Eric Hudgens, who leads operations and financial management across the group, and Chief Talent Officer Kevin Hansen.

"There are very few other agencies, if any, who can develop the strategy, create the solution and manage its implementation in the way that ICF Olson can and does for leaders in virtually every industry," said Kesavan. "The balanced breadth and depth of our expertise is going to add significant value for our clients."


About ICF Olson

A division of ICF International (NASDAQ: ICFI), ICF Olson is a full-service marketing-services agency purpose built for the new realities facing clients. With more than 800 employees across 14 cities in the U.S., Canada and India, ICF Olson is one of the world’s top 50 agency companies by revenue. It boasts uniquely broad and deep expertise across the entire spectrum of marketing services, having been recognized as a “leader” in loyalty and CRM by Forrester Research, Public Relations Agency of the Year by PR Week and Adobe Marketing Cloud’s North American Partner of the Year. ICF Olson’s individual brand campaigns have won 27 Effie Awards, the marketing industry’s highest accolade for effective marketing. For more information, visit

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