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Grid Modernization

Investing for a Changing World

Our energy supply is more variable today than at any other time in history, making provision of a reliable and resilient grid a formidable challenge. New operational demands, clean energy goals, safety and security concerns, and evolving consumerism require a strategic approach to grid investments.

ICF understands the spectrum of need for grid stakeholders—from grid managers who must balance near-term and strategic grid requirements to regulators and utility and other program administrator stakeholders who require understanding of the rationale behind grid investments. Our grid planners, modelers, architects, and regulatory design and cybersecurity specialists bring years of experience on some of the first grid modernization programs in the country. We identify drivers and timing considerations that translate into specific objectives and attributes for systems, capabilities, and equipment to address evolving grid and customer needs.

Understanding the critical need for legacy and emerging systems to support improved functionality over time, we advise clients on no-regrets investment strategies to achieve business objectives while planning for—and enabling—the grid of the future.

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