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Distributed Energy Resources Integration

Creating Value in a Distributed Future

The emergence of distributed energy will create winners and losers in the power sector. Utilities and other program administrators are challenged to create and capture new value while providing affordable, clean, and safe energy in a more decentralized energy system. Success will require customer-centricity, adeptness at assimilating disruptive technologies—such as distributed energy resources (DERs)—and the balancing of long-term risk and profitability of existing energy services with nascent opportunities in new grid and non-energy services.

ICF’s energy specialists understand the value of DER: how to optimize various distributed resources to meet grid needs over time, while considering economic, engineering, and environmental factors. We apply grid planning and operational insights to evaluate integrated DER solutions, develop non-wires alternatives, and help clients procure, manage and deploy DERs to benefit customers and the grid as utility revenue models evolve.

Our energy experts are adept at optimizing energy management solutions. Our proprietary analytics and the insights gleaned from "future utility" engagements in the United States, Canada, and Australia help electric and gas companies and regulated utilities understand and plan for the evolving role of DER as part of an overall clean energy strategy aligned to the needs of a 21st century grid.

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