Passenger analytics: A better way to manage airports

Passenger analytics: A better way to manage airports

The aviation industry is no stranger to change. At ICF, our consultants bring deep insights and data-based strategies to our clients in this industry to help them manage the complexity that comes with shifts in the market—so they can harness the possibilities that come with change to benefit their customers and their bottom line.

Operational challenges from steady passenger growth, terminal congestion, rising costs, and difficulty funding infrastructure are just a few of the roadblocks our airport specialists address. And one strategy in doing so is the emerging field of passenger analytics, offering new tools and processes to help airport managers tackle these challenges and make more informed, effective decisions.

In this paper, ICF aviation expert Eliot Lees examines the multi-faceted challenges of airport efficiencies and explains the innovative combination of information, planning, and coordination that can fundamentally change how today’s airports are managed.

Download the paper to learn how passenger analytics and proactive information-based management can help to meet the current and future needs of the aviation industry.

Meet the author
  1. Eliot Lees, Vice President and Managing Director, Clean Transportation

    Eliot specializes in aviation due diligence, valuation, business planning, and infrastructure-related development. View bio