How new technology aircraft are transforming air service

How new technology aircraft are transforming air service

The introduction of new technology aircraft marks a change in air service marketing for cities around the globe. These advanced aircraft allow airlines to fly routes that were previously out of range or heavily reliant on large volumes of transfer passengers. They will continue to drive new nonstop services, taking advantage of longer ranges and better fuel efficiency than historical long-haul aircraft.

The trend toward new international services from hubs to non-hubs and even long-haul point-to-point will continue to grow, bringing new players and opening new markets at an unprecedented rate. In addition to new routes, a further 100 routes have now switched exclusively to using new generation aircraft types, further reinforcing the trend toward service from a hub to a non-hub airport—or even point-to-point routes—and less reliance on traditional hub-to-hub routes.

What does airport management need to consider when it tries to attract the best routes and the best airlines to serve those routes? Download this ICF whitepaper to read more.

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