Exelon and Highland Electric on expanding EV access

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By Stacy Noblet, Denise Galambos, Garrett Fitzgerald, Roman Partida-Lopez, and Matt Stanberry
Sep 15, 2021

Electric vehicles (EV) are one of the most promising tools to reduce emissions and public health risks from transportation, but the uptick in adoption hasn’t reached all corners of society. How can your organization remove barriers and increase equitable ownership of EVs across the board?

In this on demand webinar, our experts join a panel discussion on the electrification of vehicles in underserved communities through the lens of utilities, partnering with state and local governments, electrifying public transit, the public health benefits of EVs, and incentives targeted at diverse drivers.

Watch now for an in-depth conversation on:

  • The role utilities can play in ensuring increased EV adoption benefits underserved communities
  • Federal investment in EVs and charging infrastructure
  • State and local governments’ role in partnering with utilities to increase EV adoption
  • Which incentives or benefits motivate customers to choose EVs?
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Meet the authors
  1. Stacy Noblet, Vice President, Transportation Electrification + ICF Climate Center

    Stacy is a transportation electrification expert supporting government and commercial clients with over 15 years’ experience. View bio

  2. Denise Galambos, Vice President, Utility Oversight, Exelon
  3. Garrett Fitzgerald, Principal, Electrification, Smart Electric Power Alliance (SEPA)
  4. Roman Partida-Lopez, Legal Counsel, Environmental Equity, Greenlining Institute
  5. Matt Stanberry, Managing Director, Highland Electric Transportation