Setting up citizens for success: A framework for federal contact centers designed to serve

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By Wendy Harman
Wendy Harman
May 27, 2020

Federal agencies need to reimagine their contact centers—not only their technology—to better serve citizens. Here’s how. 

As federal agencies embrace digital technology and work to overhaul legacy systems, they depend on contact centers to help citizens navigate the evolving systems. But traditional contact centers rely on knowledge sources gathered from individual program areas, creating a siloed experience that frustrates CSRs and fails to serve citizens effectively. How can we reimagine these centers to better achieve user goals?

The answer lies in designing contact center operations to align with customer journeys. In this paper, we lay out a six-part framework to help integrate centers with the agency and customers they serve. Download to discover:

  • Why user-centric design and knowledge bases that span programs and agencies are critical tools for efficient, effective contact centers.
  • How the ICF contact center framework allows for continuous learning and incremental improvements to operations, resources, and tools.
  • Novel metrics that help agencies measure their desired outcomes, such as how frequently (and how well) the contact center resolves customer queries.
  • How to leverage contact center data to inform policy and program decision-making.
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