Beyond the PPA: Understanding market complexities and wind margins

Beyond the PPA: Understanding market complexities and wind margins

Watch this webinar, Beyond the PPA, to better understand the key value-driving elements of revenue that provide wind projects a competitive advantage. This webinar focuses on the impending growth that we forecast in the wind energy sector over the next four years. Viewers will explore energy markets, RECs, transmission cost allocation and capacity markets and take away an informative matrix technique to review markets nationwide.

In this webinar, ICF experts:

  • Review wind energy growth over the last several years
  • Assess new project drivers including Merchant Energy Markets, RECs, and Capacity
  • Discuss project risks including congestion and curtailment
  • Provide a summary of market considerations
Meet the authors
  1. Kenneth Collison, Vice President, Energy

    Ken is an expert in electricity market analysis, helping stakeholders improve the planning, operation, and development of the electric sector.  View bio

  2. Himanshu Pande, Senior Manager, Energy Power Markets

    Himanshu Pande is an expert in U.S. electricity markets. He has several years of experience in modeling and analysis of the power markets in U.S., U.K., Singapore, and Australia.  View bio

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