The final Clean Power Plan rule: Drivers of changing asset values

The final Clean Power Plan rule: Drivers of changing asset values
By Chris MacCracken

In their quest to better serve their customers while making a meaningful difference in the world, our clients face ongoing market changes and regulations that can both bolster and stall their efforts, depending on their approach. At ICF, our consultants work directly with industry clients in the face of regulatory change to help them harness it to their advantage.

The Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA’s) final Clean Power Plan (CPP) rule will drive shifts in market prices and unit dispatch that will significantly impact generation asset values, especially in coal-intensive regions.

In this paper, ICF experts in energy economics, analysis, and modeling illustrate the CPP rule’s potential effects, and provide a sample analysis using the assumption that each state adopts a state-based mass-standard to cover new sources to address the EPA’s leakage requirement.

Download the paper for an analysis that includes the wide range of outcomes and key drivers behind differences in asset value.

Meet the author
  1. Chris MacCracken, Vice President, Energy Advisory + ICF Climate Center Senior Fellow

    Chris is an energy policy expert with more than 25 years of experience helping public and private sector clients to understand the impacts of energy and environmental regulation on electricity markets. View bio