What utilities need to know about smart inverters for DER

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By Patrick Dalton and Bob Mack
Patrick Dalton
Manager, Distributed Energy Resources
Bob Mack
Energy Markets Analyst - Distributed Energy Resources

Smart inverters have generated industry buzz related to the grid and customer benefits. While this next generation of inverters offers great promise, utilities have important decisions to make for beneficial integration of the technology.

Join our experts for a live webinar about IEEE Standard 1547-2018, which requires distributed energy resources (DER) to provide specific grid supportive functionalities. These capabilities can help improve power quality for all customers and ensure that DERs can continue to be a reliable grid resource as penetration increases and the grid transforms. Although all DERs will be required to have these functionalities enabled, inverter-based DERs can utilize smart inverters to comply with the new standards.

Topics will include:

  • How DER should respond to larger system disturbances.
  • What role DER can play in supporting distribution system voltage management.
  • When and why establishing communications to DER might be needed.
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Meet the authors
  1. Patrick Dalton, Manager, Distributed Energy Resources
  2. Bob Mack, Energy Markets Analyst - Distributed Energy Resources