2017 was a big year for partial wind repower. Will 2018 follow in its footsteps?

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Will partial repowers of wind energy farms continue to fuel market growth in 2018?

2017 was the first big year for partial repowers of wind projects in the US, with over 2,000 MW completed, primarily in Texas. With over 15 GW of operating wind projects ripe for repowering across the US, in 2018 asset owners and developers will look to cash in on what may be the last opportunity for significant production tax credits. However, squeezing margins demand a more careful look at project capital costs, O&M, and energy production gains.

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  • Drivers of the successful 2017 market, which saw a historic 2,136 MW completed.
  • Analysis of the available 15 GW that are potential candidates for repowering.
  • Creative strategies to improve economics, and why you shouldn’t wait until November to start your repower feasibility analysis.
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