Results of PJM's capacity auctions and implications going forward

Results of PJM's capacity auctions and implications going forward
By George Katsigiannakis and Shanthi Muthiah

In this webinar, ICF experts discuss the latest results of PJM’s capacity market auctions (2018/2019 BRA and the 2016/2017 and 2017/2018 transition auctions). Topics of discussion include: 

  • Changes from the previous auction and implications from key drivers including bidding behavior/perceptions of risk from market participants
  • Separation of EMAAC and COMED locational deliverability areas (LDAs)
  • New builds and retirements
  • Imports
  • The surprisingly high prices for Base Product
  • DR and intermittent resource commitments
  • Expectations going forward
Meet the authors
  1. George Katsigiannakis, Vice President, Energy Power Markets

    George is an expert in U.S. electricity markets with a deep understanding of all factors affecting U.S. wholesale electric markets including market design, environmental regulations, fuel markets, transmission, renewable, energy efficiency, and demand side management. View bio

  2. Shanthi Muthiah, Managing Director and Senior Vice President, Energy Advisory

    Shanthi leads our energy advisory practice which has helped clients deploy billions of dollars in investments in the energy sector. View bio

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