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Where, when, and why: Outlook on natural gas storage value

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Natural gas storage is a critical part of the natural gas delivery system and increasingly plays a key role in supplying fuel to electricity generators. However, for the past several years, natural gas storage values have been low, and little to no storage capacity has been developed, despite the rapid growth in natural gas production and demand. ICF expects upcoming changes in natural gas market conditions to lead to a rebound in seasonal natural gas price basis and storage value. At the same time, however, changes in gas supply and pricing and growing reliance on gas for electricity generation are changing the use of storage in potentially conflicting ways.

This webinar will review the key characteristics of natural gas storage facilities in the US and recent utilization and storage valuation trends. It will also project future storage capacity needs and utilization trends under different natural gas market assumptions and discuss the potential value of and opportunities to invest in new and existing storage assets. Some of the topics to be addressed include:

  • US storage facility review
  • Recent storage utilization and valuation trends
  • Future storage capacity needs
  • Outlook for seasonal natural gas price basis and storage values

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