Looking beyond peak shaving benefits: Energy storage play in capacity and ancillary services

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Energy Storage is one of the several options for improving the operational and planning flexibility of the power grid. While traditional services like peak shaving or energy arbitrage are widely recognized, grid-supportive services, like frequency regulation, have only recently started to gain industry attention. What is less acknowledged today are the reliability and capacity benefits.

In this webinar, ICF experts present a framework to account for capacity credit of Energy Storage with varying durations of stored energy. We also discuss frequency regulation, focused on the PJM market, and describe recent market design changes, improvements that are likely in the future, and other market drivers that will have an impact on the market potential for Energy Storage.

In this webinar, ICF:

  • Examines value streams for Energy Storage beyond peak shaving
  • Provides an analytical framework to assess the capacity value of Energy Storage
  • Discusses the current state of the PJM regulation market and changes that will affect Energy Storage economics

Meet the author
  1. Kenneth Collison, Vice President, Energy

    Ken is an expert in electricity market analysis, helping stakeholders improve the planning, operation, and development of the electric sector.  View bio

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