How JEA uses electrification to deliver new energy sales and GHG reductions

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On paper, beneficial electrification programs are an easy sell for electric utilities: reduce net emissions and energy costs by replacing fossil fuel equipment with electric powered equipment. But there's a lot to consider when bringing these programs to life. We were proud to moderate a recent AESP webinar on some lessons learned from three electric utility leaders implementing beneficial electrification programs.

In this video, Stacy Noblet, ICF’s senior director of transportation electrification, introduces Tony Reynolds, strategic segment manager, customer solutions and market development at JEA. Watch to hear how ICF is implementing JEA’s beneficial electrification program in Jacksonville, FL. The Electrification Rebate program delivered 150 GWh of new energy sales and 700,000 MT of GHG reductions when Phase I of the program ended last year.

You’ll also hear about:

  • The key drivers JEA considered in the development of their beneficial electrification program
  • How ICF and JEA worked together to identify the market potential for Phase II of the Electrification Rebate program
  • JEA Drive Electric, JEA’s newly launched electric vehicle program
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Meet the author
  1. Stacy Noblet, Vice President, Transportation Electrification + ICF Climate Center

    Stacy is a transportation electrification expert supporting government and commercial clients with over 15 years’ experience. View bio

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