India's energy market: How global trends and learnings can help realize the potential of storage

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By Vikas Suhag

India's vision for its future includes transforming energy from a static network into a dynamic and resilient system. But how can India capitalize on early business models of energy storage adopted in other countries?

In this paper, an ICF energy expert describes five factors that are fueling India's need for energy storage:

  • growing electricity access demand;
  • commitment to variable renewables;
  • falling renewable energy costs;
  • a changing load curve; and
  • decentralized energy resources.

Learn why India should consider policies and regulations introduced around the world in order to achieve an optimal mix of storage technologies.

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Meet the author
  1. Vikas Suhag, Energy Analyst, Renewables

    Vikas has nearly five years of experience in renewable energy. View bio