Future forward: Navigating the future power market landscape

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Energy markets are constantly evolving through the influx of renewables, battery storage, and new emerging technologies in the pursuit of decarbonization, while maintaining reliability. As more investments are being made in clean energy, it’s becoming increasingly important for power developers, energy investors, and utilities to understand the US power markets trends and keep tabs on headwinds and tailwinds. 

Watch our on-demand webinar on key developments in US energy markets and an overview of our Q3 2023 views for MISO, SPP, and CAISO. You’ll hear more on:    

  • Power price trends across the US markets.
  • Developments in battery energy storage systems (BESS).
  • Expected changes in supply and key assumptions including gas, commodity and capital costs, and regulations.
  • What our data tells us about upcoming market risks and opportunities.
Meet the authors
  1. Dinesh Madan, Senior Director, Energy Power Markets

    Dinesh Madan joined ICF in 2005 and has been extensively involved in the areas of energy market modeling, wholesale power market assessment, asset valuation and financial modeling, and restructuring and litigation support including contract evaluation and risk assessment.   View bio

  2. Nishit Pande, Director, Energy Advisory

    Nishit is an energy expert with nearly 20 years of experience in research and analytics, project management, product development, and engineering.  View bio

  3. Vinay Gupta, Senior Manager, Energy Power Markets

    Vinay is an energy market expert with more than 10 years of experience in techno-economic modeling and analysis of the U.S. energy markets, focusing on ERCOT, MISO, and SPP markets. View bio

  4. Timothy Roell, Energy Markets Consultant
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