Expanding use of energy markets to help manage rapid changes in India's growing energy sector

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Indian energy markets are in transition and the government is looking to design, redesign, complement, and augment efforts for creation of these markets across the value chain.

In this webinar, ICF’s Executive Vice-President (Global Energy) Phil Mihlmester discusses markets in the energy value chain (coal, gas, power, emissions) and how these markets complement each other. He present strong evidence that markets across the full value chain of energy need to be inter-linked and efficient to provide the right signals for investment and policymaking. Attendees will hear perspectives on:

  • Power markets play a growing role worldwide.
  • Coal markets, power markets, and India.
  • Natural gas markets.
  • Carbon and renewable energy markets.
  • Retail (i.e. end user) power markets.
  • Input (fuel) markets, wholesale and retail electricity market interactions.
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Meet the author
  1. Philip Mihlmester, Executive Vice President, Global Energy

    With over 45 years of experience in the energy sector, Phil is a strategic advisor to senior industry and government executives specializing in policy, regulatory, and market analysis across the energy value chain. View bio