ENERGY STAR new homes and the impact of certification on Maryland home prices

By Jonathan Cohen

This white paper examines a recent study that uses statistical analysis to quantify the impact of ENERGY STAR Certification on home prices. The study found a statistically significant price premium ranging from 2.1%-5.2% for ENERGY STAR Homes sold in the state of Maryland from 2012 to 2015. The study evaluated Maryland home prices and sales data for over 15,000+ homes.

Based on the price premium study results, this would translate to an additional 211 million to 524 million dollars’ worth of additional value generated by the program for the Maryland new construction market. This additional value to the region should be accurately reflected in the communication to potential homebuyers, builders, program evaluators, and in real estate valuations.

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Meet the author
  1. Jonathan Cohen, Director, Statistics

    Jonathan is an expert in statistical programming and data analysis with nearly 40 years of experience using SAS, SUDAAN, WinBIGS, and @Risk software. View bio

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