The next era of energy efficiency

The next era of energy efficiency
Nov 1, 2018

Mike Mernick on building the 'cathedral' of energy efficiency.

In the architecture world, the term 'cathedral thinking' describes the commitment required from those who might not be around to see the finished product of their work.

Mike Mernick, Senior Vice President of ICF's Commercial Energy practice, thinks our industry has matured to that point.

Utilities are realizing the power of their energy efficiency programs in strengthening relationships with their customers. Over the past three decades, innovative program designs have driven us to strive for greater energy savings in more cost-effective ways.

Watch the video to see how we are constantly improving the cathedral of energy efficiency.

Meet the author
  1. Michael Mernick, Senior Vice President, Energy, Environment, and Infrastructure

    Mike Mernick is a senior vice president at ICF with over 30 years of experience in the energy industry. He leads ICF’s market development and strategic partnerships for utilities and is an expert in energy efficiency. View bio

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