Energy efficiency evolution: New opportunities for utility programs

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Energy efficiency has delivered huge benefits over the past 40 years. But the imperative to achieve deep carbon reductions, combined with a more distributed and dynamic energy grid, creates a demand for even greater levels of efficiency that can be targeted to where and when it is most needed.

Delivering more energy efficiency as a low-cost and flexible resource will require utilities across the country to make both policy and program design, delivery, and evaluation changes. How should utilities evolve their programs to meet the challenges of this moment—and come out ahead? Read this paper to learn:

  • The program design, delivery, and evaluation issues that electric companies need to resolve in order to realize substantially greater efficiency savings.
  • The five interrelated capabilities driving the evolution from energy efficiency to smart energy programs.
  • How the data and analytics revolution presents the electric power industry with exciting opportunities to customize and target programs more effectively.

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Meet the author
  1. Val Jensen, Senior Fellow, Energy Advisory, Policy, and Program Implementation

    Val is an energy and utilities specialist with more than 40 years of experience tackling the most pressing issues faced by the utility industry. View bio