Three electric utilities' perspective on beneficial electrification

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Beneficial electrification programs have the potential to enhance revenue, improve grid system utilization, reduce emissions, and strengthen relationships with customers. We were proud to moderate a recent AESP webinar with three electric utility leaders implementing beneficial electrification programs.

In this video, Stacy Noblet, ICF’s Senior Director of Transportation Electrification, moderates a Q&A session with TJ Rizzo, Senior Program Manager EV Portfolio, Central Hudson Gas & Electric; Tony Reynolds, Strategic Segment Manager, Customer Solutions & Market Development, JEA; and Joseph deGraft-Johnson, Sr. Market Analyst - Product Dev, Consumer Programs & Marketing, Salt River Project.

Hear how these leaders answer the following questions:

  • How are electrification programs—and specifically incentives—being funded?
  • Do electrification programs fall under similar cost effectiveness models as energy efficiency programs? And are there concerns related to fuel switching?
  • What have been among the most popular technologies in terms of adoption at the residential level?
  • Are there gaps in workforce development that need to be solved to support the emerging focus on beneficial electrification?
  • Watch to listen to this great discussion!

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Meet the author
  1. Stacy Noblet, Vice President, Transportation Electrification + ICF Climate Center

    Stacy is a transportation electrification expert supporting government and commercial clients with over 15 years’ experience. View bio

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