How natural gas utilities are developing the RNG market in a decarbonizing world

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By Josh Linton, Susan Stuver, Sam Wade, and Philip Sheehy

RNG is an important and cost-effective measure that can help achieve aggressive decarbonization objectives across the country. Natural gas utilities are a critical stakeholder in the RNG market, and are well positioned to drive RNG supply and demand, combined with a supportive regulatory framework.

Join experts from ONE GasCoalition for RNG, and GTI for a webinar to discuss the actions natural gas utilities, along with other stakeholders, need to take to develop the RNG market.

Topics will include:

  • Practical opportunities for gas utilities to engage the market and deploy RNG
  • Regulatory and legislative pathways to capture the benefits of RNG
  • Potential long-term perspectives for the RNG market
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Meet the authors
  1. Josh Linton, Strategic Planning Analyst, ONE Gas
  2. Susan Stuver, Senior Project Manager, Gas Technology Institute
  3. Sam Wade, Director of State Regulatory Affairs, Renewable Natural Gas Coalition
  4. Philip Sheehy, Director, Transportation and Energy

    Philip is committed to identifying cost-effective solutions to meet the challenge of decarbonization, with over 15 years of experience navigating the technical, economic, and regulatory challenges associated with decarbonizing transportation fuels.  View bio

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