Buildings, forklifts, and automobiles: Utility electrification efforts and opportunities

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Electric vehicles, building heating technologies, and commercial and industrial equipment are quickly emerging as attractive electrification or fuel switching opportunities for utilities. These electric technologies can lower customer costs, decrease emissions, increase utility revenue, and benefit customers broadly.

But not all electrification of everything everywhere provides these beneficial outcomes, so utility program leaders must carefully weigh the pros and cons. How can you maximize the benefits while mitigating the potential challenges of electrification? Read this paper to learn:

  • Policy updates driving the electrification of buildings, commercial and industrial equipment, and transportation
  • Program best practices pulled from utility success stories
  • Actionable recommendations to help you make plans and implement beneficial electrification programs

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Meet the author
  1. Chris Watson, Portfolio Director, Electrification

    Chris is an expert in the energy, renewables, and energy efficiency sector with over 20 years of experience. View bio

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