Building the 22nd century utility

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What do we want the utility industry to look like 20 years from now, and what can we do to create it?

Utility executives are tasked with steering their organizations through a complex minefield of changes and disruptions. As they embark on their utility-of-the-future investigations, they should do so with a clear view of what they’re trying to build.

In this paper, industry expert Val Jensen tells the story of a newly-minted utility CEO who receives a mandate to remake the business to survive into the 22nd century. Sound familiar? As she takes stock of the utility landscape, she finds proactive ways to:

  • Design a business model that provides revenue stability while also mining opportunity from technological change;
  • Provide customers with the services they need and the experiences they deserve;
  • Make smart grid investments, including the management of distributed energy resources (DER); and
  • Serve economically challenged customers and position her utility as a strong community partner.

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