In-person Event

COSCDA Disaster Recovery Bootcamp

Denver, Colorado
Jun 27–29, 2023

We’re proud to be a Platinum Sponsor of the 2023 Council of State Community Development Agencies (COSCDA) Disaster Recovery Bootcamp. Stop by our table to meet our experts!

HUD’s trusted partner for 30 years

We “wrote the book” on disaster recovery. Our experts helped author several disaster recovery and grants management resources, including:

We have planned, managed, presented at, and provided one-on-one training and TA to CDBG-DR/MIT grantees at HUD’s CDBG-DR Problem Solving Clinics in person and virtually since 2017.

Deep regulatory and implementation expertise

We help accelerate a whole community’s recovery while prioritizing HUD compliance every step of the way.

Disaster recovery program launch

Our team knows what it takes to stand up recovery programs that work within the regulatory and logistical complexities presented by federal requirements. We develop the plans, procedures, structure, and management processes for effective program execution so you can maximize and speed the delivery of aid to recipients.

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