Naval Information Warfare Center Pacific (NIWC PAC) Cyberspace Science, Research, Engineering and Technology Integration Multiple Award Contract

Contract Details

Awarding Agency: Department of the Navy
Contract Number(s): N6600119D3409
Period of Performance: 5/8/2019 – 5/7/2026
Description: The multiple-award contract, which is with the Navy Information Warfare Center Pacific (NIWC Pacific), has a potential ceiling value of $800 million over seven years, including one three-year base and two two-year options. The base period has a potential award value up to $330 million. The contract provides technical and management services to support NIWC Pacific in establishing and maintaining Cyberspace Operations and enabling product lines, programs and projects.

Amy Mellender, Contract Manager
Phone: +1.703.218.2543

Kristopher Breaux, Program Manager
Phone: +1.858.444.3940

Prompt Payment Terms: DoD