C5ISR and High Performance Computing Research and Development

Contract Details

Awarding Agency: Department of the Army, Army Research Laboratory
Contract Number(s): W911QX-18-D-0002
Description: C5ISR is a program that focuses on the Computational Sciences, Architectures and Cutting Edge Network Sciences; Cyber Security and Cyber Defense support; High Performance Networking and Specialized System Administration for Research, Development and Collaborative Environments. C5ISR also includes specialized program oversight for ARL/CISD as a Computer Defense Service Provider (CDSP), and the Defense Research and Engineering Network (DREN). These required services are crucial to ARL/CISD in providing leading edge research and technical solutions for the U.S. Army Warfighter in the Service aforementioned areas.

Kevin Berry, Contract Manager
Phone: +1.703.934.3828
Email: kevin.berry@icf.com

Jason Schaum, Program Manager
Phone: +1.667.786.6324
Email: jason.schaum@icf.com

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