About ICF

Helen Tubb

Vice President, Policy Implementation and Programs
Helen leads policy implementation and programs programs in Europe, with more than two decades of experience.

Helen leads policy implementation and programs (PIP) in Europe, with more than two decades of experience. Helen previously ran European Social Fund programs for the United Kingdom government before moving onto designing and executing European Union programs for the European Commission (EC). She is currently the director for the EC Mutual Learning Services Framework Contract and mutual learning program for European public employment services. Helen offers technical expertise to a broader set of plans and stakeholders.

Helen is a recognized specialist in mutual and peer-based learning techniques and methodologies. She enables public organizations to learn from each other and share best practices to improve policy-making and implementation, organizational performance, and policy outcomes. She is also highly experienced in running large-scale public programs involving network management, event design, organization, grant management, capacity-building, and communication.

In her leadership role, Helen is responsible for a team of more than 40 PIP specialists who cover a wide range of functional and technical areas and have experience with European institutions and the UK government. She also mobilizes networks of multi-disciplinary and multi-national experts from across Europe to support the design and delivery of customized programs.