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Helen Tubb

Helen Tubb

Programme Director

Helen Tubb is a leading expert in the large-scale implementation of policies for European and national government organisations. In recent years, Ms. Tubb has led the design and execution of several high-profile programmes on behalf of the European Commission (EC), including the Mutual Learning Progamme and PES to PES Dialogue, which aim to facilitate the networking and exchange of good practice between employment policy makers and public employment services (respectively) in more than 30 European countries. She has also overseen the outreach campaign of LIFE Climate Action and the identification and dissemination of project results under the European Social Fund EQUAL programme.

Ms. Tubb's implementation expertise covers a wide range of areas, including network management, event design and organization, secretariat services, grant and fund management, communication activities, knowledge management, training, and capacity building. She advises clients on how best to implement their policies as well as design and carry out the implementation on the ground. This regularly entails working across a large number of European countries, managing multidisciplinary teams, and engaging a diverse range of organisational stakeholders.

Ms. Tubb has a bachelor's degree in French and European Studies from Sussex University, UK.