About ICF

Joshua Smith

Director, Public Policy
Joshua focuses on policies and programs that provide efficient and reliable energy to critical end-users, with more than two decades of experience helping federal agencies and non-governmental organizations.

For over two decades, Joshua has focused on helping federal agencies and non-governmental organizations—chiefly the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and Department of Energy—improve energy use efficiency and reliability. His primary policy areas include clean energy, energy efficiency, and renewable energy policy instruments and incentives that mitigate the air quality and climate change impacts of energy use.

Josh leads our team supporting the EPA’s ENERGY STAR Industrial Partnership. This collaboration has helped hundreds of energy- and carbon-intensive manufacturers (e.g., cement, steel, petroleum refiners) improve their energy productivity. Josh and his team provide coaching on best practices and quantitative industry-specific benchmarking and guidance on cutting-edge opportunities in practice around the world. The team combines top energy executives’ practical experience with the research and insights of renowned academics to define opportunities and strategies to reduce the manufacturing sector’s environmental impact. Achieving decarbonization in the industrial sector involves the market transformation of how we manufacture and what we manufacture. Focused research and development and incentives for early adoption such as these can help lower the price point and keep manufacturers competitive.

"The manufacturing sector presents some of the thorniest challenges for achieving decarbonization—but there are more viable opportunities today than ever before."
  • M.S., Environmental Science and Public Policy, Johns Hopkins University
  • B.S., Mineral Economics, Pennsylvania State University