About ICF

Dr. Jason P.H. Jones

Director, Economics
North Carolina

Jason P.H. Jones, Ph.D., PMP, specializes in developing applied mathematical models to inform federal agricultural, energy, health, and environmental policy. His technical expertise in applied econometrics, simulation, dynamic optimization, and mathematical economics has supported significant policy and negotiation efforts, including trade, biofuel, environmental, and climate change. As a director at ICF, Dr. Jones leads collaborative efforts across universities and specialists, demonstrating a deep understanding of food and energy systems, regulatory requirements, and economic and environmental impact evaluations. His work, encapsulated in peer-reviewed publications, is pivotal in shaping policies for a sustainable future.

"Employing resource economics to foster policies that ensure environmental stewardship and economic security, benefiting present and future generations."
  • PhD in Agricultural Economics, Texas A&M University, 2014
  • MS in Agribusiness and Agricultural Economics, University of Manitoba, 2010
  • BA in Economics (Honors), Queen's University, Kingston Ontario, 2008